Our Story

About Us

West Pier Laundry has served the local community for over 60 years. We have the best equipped self-serve coin-operated laundry facility with card system. At West Pier Laundry we provide wash & fold services, pickup & delivery at a reasonably price rate. We not only provide a clean environment for self-serve coin laundry but have been providing it to government and commercial clients for many decades. They have loved us over the years, and we have built relationships without breaking any trust.

West Pier Laundry is located at a quiet and safe place where families can visit with their kids and have fun while doing laundry. We offer a variety of laundry services at competitive prices, so you can get your clothes back in the highest quality condition possible without breaking the bank. You can visit and drop off laundry and our experienced staff will provide an excellent wash & fold service; or if you want, we can come and pick up your laundry, too.

Fun Fact

We are the only laundromat that washes horse blankets within a very generous 40 mile radius. Minimum order 50 pounds for those interest in this.

Whether you are administrative, commercial, or residential we can help you get your laundry done. Visit our store or schedule online.